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What are the clinic's operating hours and appointment booking process?

The clinic operates from Monday to Friday, 0800 – 1300, 1800-2200, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 0800 – 1300.

Our clinic only takes appointments for non-acute illnesses (e.g. health screenings, child vaccines, follow up visits.) Please call or WhatsApp us to make an appointment.

For acute illnesses, no appointments are necessary.

Is your clinic wheelchair-accessible?

Yes our clinics are both wheelchair-accessible, and our staff are on hand if you need additional assistance.

Who is the doctor currently on duty at the clinic?

The doctor on duty at the clinic varies for each shift. For more information, please refer to the doctor schedule or check on the day of your visit.

Does the clinic accept insurance or offer corporate or government health schemes?

Yes, the clinic accepts a wide range of insurance memberships and also offers corporate or government health schemes such as CHAS, Medisave, National Immunisation Programme, Screen for Life, and upcoming Healthier SG Programme. Please contact the clinic for further details on accepted insurance providers and health schemes.

What documents or information do I need to register at the clinic?

To register at the clinic, you will need to provide your IC / Passport / Birth Certificate in either physical or soft copy format.

What is the estimated waiting time at the clinic?

The estimated waiting time at the clinic varies depending on the current patient load and the nature of appointments. The clinic strives to minimize waiting times as much as possible, but it can range from 10 minutes to 1 and a half hours on average depending on the day of the week or time of day you visit.

Does the clinic offer telemedicine or virtual consultations for remote or follow-up appointments?

Yes, the clinic offers telemedicine or virtual consultations for remote or follow-up appointments, but this is strictly on an appointment basis. Please contact the clinic to arrange for a telemedicine appointment.

Can my helper undergo the Foreign Domestic Worker's Mandatory Medical Examination (6ME) at the clinic?

Yes, your helper can undergo (6ME) at the clinic on a walk-in basis.

Does the clinic have an X-ray facility?

No, the clinic does not have an X-ray facility on-site. Any X-ray will be referred to a nearby medical imaging centre.

Are there any vaccines that the clinic does not carry, such as yellow fever or COVID-19 vaccines?

The clinic does not carry certain vaccines such as yellow fever or COVID-19 vaccines. However, for vaccines with high demand, we can arrange to have them bought in with ample notice. Please contact the clinic for information on available vaccines.

Do you conduct medical examinations for school enrollment?

Yes, the clinic conducts medical examinations for school enrollment.

Does the clinic see children between 0-5 years old?

Yes, the clinic sees children of all ages.

Does the clinic provide baby vaccinations?

Yes, the clinic provides all baby vaccinations that are under the national childhood immunization schedule (NCIS). Our doctors also perform routine child developmental checks during the vaccination visits. The vaccinations and developmental checks are fully subsidised for all Singaporean children.

How long does it take to receive lab test and radiology results?

The duration to receive lab test and radiology results may vary depending on the type of tests and the processing time of the laboratory. The clinic will inform you of the expected timeline for receiving results, but most test results will return in 1-2 days.

Can I obtain a queue number over the phone?

Queue numbers are not available over the phone. Patients need to physically visit the clinic to obtain a queue number. However, with our QR code system, you do not need to physically wait for your queue and can check the queue status on your phone. Please return in advance when your queue number is due soon.

Can I make payment via contactless methods like paywave?

Yes, the clinic accepts contactless payment methods like paynow and Paylah. However, we do not accept Paywave at this moment.

Is the clinic open on public holidays?

We are open on most public holidays with the exception of Christmas and Chinese New Year. Our public holiday hours are 8am-1pm only. Please contact the clinic for information on the clinic’s availability on public holidays.

Does the clinic provide health screenings, vaccinations, or other preventive healthcare services?

Yes, the clinic provides health screenings, vaccinations, and other preventive healthcare services. Details of our health screening packages are available on the website, and can be customised on request.

We also encourage all Singaporeans to make use of the Screen-for-life subsided health screening at our clinic if they are eligible for it.

How can patients contact the clinic for inquiries or appointments?

Patients can contact the clinic for inquiries or appointments through our phone number, Whatsapp or email addresses listed on the website.

What languages are spoken by the clinic's healthcare providers and support staff?

The healthcare providers and support staff at the clinic are proficient in English and Mandarin. Some of our staff can speak Malay and Tamil.